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What Scooby Doo REALLY taught us is that once you pull off the mask, the real villain is usually an old white man thing to steal everyone’s land or money.



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Israel puts on a show for the world’s media by reminding them over and over again how they tell Palestinian civilians to “evacuate” (which is an insult in itself since they’re not allowed to leave Gaza due to the illegal blockade), but the reality on the ground is that they tell Palestinians ‘we will kill you no matter where you go - you are our targets’ by bombing all the places they’re taking shelter in - ambulances, hospitals and UN schools.

Robert Turner, director of operations in Gaza for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), confirmed the bombing, saying that no warning was given by Israel before the missile hit.

"There are certainly multiple dead and injured," he told Al Jazeera.

The strike comes as the United Nations continued to stress the urgent need for an end to the bombardment of Gaza amid rising civilian deaths and a growing humanitarian crisis.


There is literally no limit to what Israel will do and get away with. 

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The white person at the end of the scary movie

I fucking can’t lmfao I hate him hahaha.

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Olayinka Noel


Olayinka Noel

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I just want to clean the kitchen and sleep.

They said a 30 minute call. WE still here.